An Exercise Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

Exercise DVD for Breast Cancer Survivors Cover Dr. Sharon Cowden, a pediatrician and breast cancer survivor, and Janette Poppenberg, ACSM / ACS Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer ®, collaborated to create an exercise DVD for breast cancer patients. The ladies of Strength & Courage are behind the compilation of exercises helpful to women who are surviving breast cancer and want to get back to the life they lived before their diagnosis. Fill out the form below to obtain either a DVD in the mail or to download a digital version of the program immediately.

Benefits of the exercise program:

  • Exercise can decrease side effects often associated with breast cancer treatment such as fatigue, weight gain, and anxiety.
  • Stretching exercises can help you regain upper body flexibility so you can get back to doing the things you love.
  • Weight training exercises can help you regain upper body strength countering the effects of bone loss, and giving you back a feeling of wellbeing and control.
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If you reside in Western Pennsylvania, please contact or ask your breast cancer physician for your free DVD

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$5 of your purchase goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund at Magee-Womens Foundation. The remaining $15 supports the production and distribution of this program, and possible follow-up programs as new information is learned. Thank you for your purchase! Learn more about Strength & Courage at

To learn more about reduced pricing of the Strength and Courage program for medical research or Susan G. Komen Chapters, Click here.